Laminate Veneers

It can also be used with the name of leaf porcelain. Laminate veneer, which takes its name from the plates in the thickness of artificial nails, allows the teeth to appear whiter. At the same time, it is an application that ensures the destruction of the disorders that have occurred in the tooth. 

Laminate Veneer Application

Laminate veneer application, which gives a natural white appearance to the teeth, is frequently preferred especially recently. First, an examination of the patient’s tooth structure is performed. Then, plates suitable for the tooth structure are selected. A very thin layer is taken from the tooth surface. Instead, the previously prepared plates are meticulously placed and adhered to obtain a neat appearance. During this process, a special adhesive is used to bond the plates. Therefore, there will be no case of falling of the coatings afterwards. It does not seem possible to separate the plates from the tooth surface. In the application, it is aimed to have teeth with an aesthetic appearance .

Laminate veneer application is generally used by patients who want to remove the discoloration of their teeth. At the same time, this application can be preferred for those who have tooth appearance disorders due to the fact that it should not be too much. This application can also be used to bring the split teeth into a certain order. It can also be used for fillings that have discolored or deteriorated textures to become smoother and have a healthier appearance. It can also be applied to the destruction of fractures in the teeth.

The plates used for this application are porcelain based. The plates obtained with a special method are extremely resistant to stains and visible abrasions. It can be used for long periods as a result of regular and correct oral care applications. After this application, it is necessary to pay attention to regular oral cleaning. 

Laminate veneers are procedures that are completed after two or three sessions. This application can be concluded with a maximum of three sessions. The tooth surface must be absolutely ready for application. For this reason, the teeth are cleaned in the first session. Then, again in this session, the teeth are measured and sent to the laboratory. Plates prepared for the teeth are carefully applied to the tooth surface in the last session.

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