Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that specializes in. It diagnoses the compatibility relationships of the teeth that are incompatible and perplexed. After checking the situation, orthodontic treatment is applied to prevent the problem. 

Why Do Orthodontic Problems Occur ?

The front or lower jaw shows that the formation of orthodontic problems behind because it is necessary. The patient’s age is taken into consideration, and they can make a decision on the most appropriate form of treatment. It is possible to apply for orthodontic treatment if the patient is in adolescence and if the lower and upper jaw structure is behind. If the patient is an adult, an examination for skeletal disorders  that are performed. In this case, it is aimed to achieve healthier results by performing orthodontic surgery cooperation.

This can be seen in children who have used bottles and pacifiers for a long time. Habits such as thumb sucking and nail biting are the main causes of orthodontic disorders. These habits should be avoided whenever possible. In this way, problems can be avoided.

The fact that the tongue is larger than the normal sizes,  it should be in terms of structure and the presence of extracted tooth cavities causes the teeth to settle in an intermittent manner. If the teeth are larger than they are, the teeth will not fit in the jaw. Thus, confusion is encountered. The branch of orthodontics, which works within the scope of these points we mentioned, can solve the problems for a longer period of time. In order for the treatment is  carried out correctly, age ranges must be taken into account.

How Long Is Orthodontic Treatment ?

Orthodontic treatment method is not only a method that is applied by individuals with aesthetic concerns and physicians perform procedures for this condition. It offers the advantages of orthodontic treatment in terms of preventing future gum diseases, eliminating problems in the jaw joints, healthy chewing functionality and eliminating these problems for individuals with speech problems. 

Treatment methods are preferred considering some points. Removable appliances, functional appliances or fixed appliances are preferred. An advanced orthodontic problem is treated more comprehensively. However, in cases where the problem is not advanced, rubber movable appliances that the patient can easily put on and take off are preferred. In advanced problems, rubber movable appliances may be insufficient, or it may recur in cases where it improves.

There are reinforcement treatments within the scope of orthodontic treatment. It is extremely important that these reinforcement treatments are carried out on time and it is not neglected. In this way, it will be ensured to prevent the return or deterioration. In such periods, it is possible to use the appliances that work passively.

Especially; Problems may differ on the basis of age ranges. Eliminating these problems by using different methods makes it easier to obtain long-lasting effective results. Therefore, dentists in the branch of orthodontics can work with many sub-branches and review the problems in more detail.

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