Zirconium Coating

The infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses is gray metal. A white alloy applied instead of this gray metal is called zirconium coating .

In Which Situations Is Zirconium Coating Applied ?

The reasons for choosing zirconium teeth may differ. However, in general, zirconium coating processes are applied as a result of keeping aesthetic purposes in the foreground. It is also used in the treatment of color changes that cannot produce satisfactory results when bleaching methods are applied .

Zirconium veneer is also preferred in the treatment of some discrete or not excessively crooked and twisted teeth where the orthodontic treatment method is not preferred. It also offers a great opportunity for the restoration of old fillings with deterioration in their structure, and the restoration of tongues that have suffered a high degree of material loss. This method is used to solve many more problems, and the result is satisfied, that is except for exceptional cases..

What are the advantages of Zirconium Teeth??

Thanks to its light transmittance feature, zirconium helps to achieve a natural appearance as seen in normal teeth. The enamel of healthy teeth can fully penetrate the tooth.

The metal, which forms the infrastructure of the classical porcelain coating, causes the teeth to have a not very bright appearance. As a result, the teeth appear extremely lifeless. In addition to its lifeless appearance, it also presents an artificial appearance, increasing the anxiety for aesthetics. Zirconium coating plays a major role in eliminating such negative points. It prevents all these negativities and prepares the ground for the formation of a healthy, natural and aesthetic appearance.

The compatibility of zirconium with the gums is also at a good level. Since it is a material compatible with tooth tissue, it is preferred by dentists with peace of mind. It is not possible to encounter bruising and similar discoloration in the neck area of the tooth and gums, which can be seen in metal-supported prostheses. It also has a structure that can prevent gum recession..

Since it has a metal-free structure, there is no detail that will cause a taste change in the mouth. In addition, it also does not allow the formation of odor in the mouth. Zirconium has a smooth and slippery porcelain structure. Thanks to this feature, plaque accumulation is not observed, and no color change occurs on the teeth.

Zirconium teeth can be brushed like normal teeth. When physician checks are applied within 6-month periods, problems that may be seen in the future will be prevented and precautions will be taken.

It will be possible to get longer lasting results when zirconium teeth are used under control. It is true that there is no fixed time. You can use the care you apply to your normal teeth for a long time, even if you apply the same care to your zirconium teeth and not to be under the control of your doctor. They are successful applications that will not be affected by your nutritional status.

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