Pedodontics, also known as Pediatric Dentistry. Applications are carried out within the scope of dental treatment of children in the 0 – 13 age group. It ensures that children’s milk and permanent teeth are protected in a healthy way. The elimination of problems that occur in line with caries, trauma, hereditary or similar factors is provided by pedodontics.

Pedodontics follows the oral-dental health of children and the development process of the jaw-facial region since infancy. It provides treatments in this direction. In addition, pedodontics, which includes preventive measures, aims to realize the necessary points in terms of oral and dental health of children without delay..

Baby teeth generally begin to erupt when babies are six months old. At approximately three years of age, it is seen that the milk teeth are completed. It is seen that there are a total of 20 teeth in the mouth at the age of three. Deciduous teeth may differ in structure. For this reason, they have a structure prone to wear and decay. In particular, rot is among the problems seen frequently.

What is the Purpose of Pedodontics?

At the age of six, it is seen that the milk teeth start to leave their place to the permanent teeth and the teeth fall out gradually. It is possible to say that this situation generally continues until the age of 13, but exceptional cases can also be encountered. The mixed dentition period is the period when both primary and permanent teeth are present in the mouth, and applications to pedodontics may increase in this period.

Because during such periods, abrasions and cavities that occur in milk teeth are likely to affect permanent teeth as well. In the period from birth to adolescence, she continues to apply pedodontic treatments to protect the oral and dental health of pediatric patients and to take precautions against even the slightest problem that may arise. Pedodontics ensures that existing diseases and anomalies are detected before it’s too late, and that treatments are done before they progress.

Pedodontic Treatment Services

All filling applications, root canal treatment and similar procedures required in milk teeth and permanent teeth are taken under the control. Problems are solved by making child prostheses and they are applying placeholders instead of extracted teeth. The application of orthodontic treatments for preventive and precautionary purposes is one of the necessary treatments for childhood and adolescence. Trauma treatments can also be applied within the scope of pedodontic treatment. Applications are also carried out in order to prevent rot.

All these preventive and therapeutic procedures that we have mentioned should be done meticulously. Because the completion of the treatment without fear, anxiety and pain of the patients is one of the details that should be taken into consideration. Likewise, all dental treatments of children with various disabilities are carried out within the scope of pedodontics. Operating room conditions can be applied for patients who require special care (such as heart diseases, kidney diseases, children with Down syndrome and autism). Effective application environments are created by performing treatments under sedation or general anesthesia.

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