Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain fillings are the procedures applied to complete the deficiencies in the teeth in general. Porcelain fillings are used in cases where tooth deficiency is excessive. The primary objective for the successful outcome of the procedure is to prevent the deterioration of the naturalness of the tooth and to preserve the natural appearance. Porcelain fillings applied to the teeth are often preferred 

Porcelain Filling Making

First of all, this method is a repair and renewal method that it is easily preferred in patients with phase loss of teeth in the mouth, and as a result, success is achieved. First, a dental examination is performed by a specialist physician. Its suitability for processing is checked. After the control, a cavity is created in the teeth of the patients who have been found suitable. It is reached to the position where the porcelain filling to be applied can be placed. Then, the size of the gaps is checked. The space measurements that taken are directed to the laboratory. Porcelain fillings are prepared in accordance with the dimensions. These mentioned stages are carried out in the first session. When the second session is passed, porcelain fillings are applied to the patients carefully and meticulously. The fillings applied to the patient are porcelain fillings that are extremely durable and have a high impact power. Actions that are continuous in daily life, such as eating and drinking, can be continued with ease after the procedure.

Porcelain fillings are prepared and ready in the first session, and the basis for the application is prepared for the next session. Porcelain fillings are applications that are recommended for healthy oral care and that have positive feedback as a result of being recommended.

The main purpose of this application is to prevent the teeth from losing their natural appearance and to obtain healthy-looking teeth. People who have difficulty eating food should definitely go to a dentist for examination. In such cases, it is seen that porcelain fillings are preferred by physicians. Porcelain filling application, which is preferred both in terms of comfort and appearance, also provides convenience in daily life. It does not cause discomfort in the teeth. It provides comfort in daily life without making patients feel incompatibility. After the application, patients can use porcelain fillings for a long time without any problems if they perform oral and dental care correctly and regularly. The patient can also go to check-ups at regular intervals.

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