Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

When it comes to oral and dental health, we think of toothaches, gum problems, bad breath, but one of the points we are uncomfortable with is our tooth structure and the way we smile. The teeth are in perfect shape from the moment they start to come out. However, over time, erosion begins due to our eating habits. Teeth are exposed to acid and trauma over time. Bruising, abrasions, discoloration and enamel cracks become inevitable due to aging. The surface of the tooth now begins to lose its integrity and shine. It is not possible to start the dental health process, but it is possible to stop this process and intervene with the right treatment method.

Thanks to the smile design treatment, it is in your hands to put a stop to this aging and wear process. In this way, both the health of the teeth and gums are protected and the teeth regain their first shine.

How is Smile Design Made? What are the stages?

  • Taking necessary photos and videos for the start of the treatment process.
  • Removing the aesthetic plan by transferring photos and videos to the computer environment
  • Making and planning the most suitable smile design for your face with aesthetic design programs used in computer environment.
  • Presenting the most suitable proposal for you with both mathematical and emotional designs.
  • Initiation of treatment if orthodontic treatment is needed at the beginning of treatment. Elimination of deformities in the gums in procedures that do not require orthodontic treatment.
  • In case of missing teeth, implant treatment may be needed. In this process, necessary surgical interventions are performed and the smile design process is started.
  • After surgical applications complete the healing process, bleaching can be applied if deemed necessary.
  • Defects in the teeth are corrected by using composite fillings.
  • In cases where composite fillings are not sufficient, zirconium and laminated veneers come into play.

After all these stages, the patient’s opinions are taken and the treatment method is determined and the smile design process is performed.

Who Can Have a Smile Design?

Every individual who needs a smile design aesthetically can have a smile design. For the most suitable smile design and planning for you, you can visit our Meva Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, which is at your service with Ümraniye and branches, or contact us.

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